List of Books

The Pickwick Papers (1836-1837)—Began: August 4. Finished: August 30.

Oliver Twist (1837-1839)—Began: September 3. Finished: September 30.

Nicholas Nickleby (1838-1839)—Began: October 6. Finished: November 6.

The Old Curiosity Shop (1840-1841)—Began: November 10. Finished: February 9.

Barnaby Rudge (1841)—Began: March 2. Finished: March 14.

Martin Chuzzlewit (1843-1844)—Began: March 15. Finished: May 13.

Dombey and Son (1846-1848)—Began: August 2.

David Copperfield (1849-1850)

Bleak House (1852-1853)

Hard Times (1854)

Little Dorrit (1855-1857)

A Tale of Two Cities (1859)

Great Expectations (1860-1861)

Our Mutual Friend (1864-1865)

The Mystery of Edwin Drood (1870)

Have a suggestion for where I should take Dickens on a date? Learn something new about Dickens? Have a different opinion about this book? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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